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Tobacco programs are evolving to focus on, consistent and reliable transaction data, increased retail digital development, and sophistication yet flexible tools with easy-to-join and easy-to-use functionality for customers. The bottom line is Simpliconnect loyalty programs and mobile apps have been doing this for years.

2022 Digital Trade Program Requirements

Tier 1

-Submit ATOC Scan Data

Tier 2

-Tier 1 Requirements
-Have a Retailer Digital Platform
- Available for ATC's 21+
-Participate and Deliver ATOC Retail Digital Coupons
-Unbranded Communications Within Retailer's Digital Platform in the #1 Position

Tier 3

-Tier 1 & 2 Requirements
-Demonstrate Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements
-Demonstrate the Ability to Deliver ATV 21+ Value to Specific Loyalty ID's
-In-app Digital Advertisements for ATOC Branded Offers in the #1 Position

Reporting Features

Gas Station Loyalty Experts

Easy to join, easy to save at the register. Our loyalty program assists in driving increased sales.

Convenience Store Rewards Experts

Combining multiple digital methods to communicate offers displayed in your app – customers will always have be alerted to your deals

Gas Station Loyalty Programs

We take program security seriously. Our reports identify program outliers and ensure transaction data is validated.

Convenience Store Rewards (1)

Customer data is private and only shared with a designated scan data partner at your request.

Loyalty Rewards Analytics
Data Integrity

Loyalty IDs are linked to a customer's phone number, keeping things easy, secure and accurate when submitting transaction data.

Customer Loyalty Tablet

Enrollment is very easy – text a designated keyword from your smartphone or scan a QR code and customers are automatically enrolled.

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Tobacco programs undergo significant changes year in and year out. To remain competitive and to qualify for valuable tobacco funding, you need a partner that drives digital customer engagement and is identified as a leader in the space. Contact us to see how the experts at Simpliconnect can assist you today.