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Tobacco programs are evolving to focus on, consistent and reliable transaction data, increased retail digital development, and sophistication yet flexible tools with easy-to-join and easy-to-use functionality for customers. The bottom line is Simpliconnect loyalty programs and mobile apps have been doing this for years.

2022 Digital Trade Program Requirements

Tier 1

-Submit ATOC Scan Data

Tier 2

-Tier 1 Requirements
-Have a Retailer Digital Platform
- Available for ATC's 21+
-Participate and Deliver ATOC Retail Digital Coupons
-Unbranded Communications Within Retailer's Digital Platform in the #1 Position

Tier 3

-Tier 1 & 2 Requirements
-Demonstrate Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements
-Demonstrate the Ability to Deliver ATV 21+ Value to Specific Loyalty ID's
-In-app Digital Advertisements for ATOC Branded Offers in the #1 Position

Reporting Features

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Easy to join, easy to save at the register. Our loyalty program assists in driving increased sales.

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Combining multiple digital methods to communicate offers displayed in your app – customers will always have be alerted to your deals

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We take program security seriously. Our reports identify program outliers and ensure transaction data is validated.

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Customer data is private and only shared with a designated scan data partner at your request.

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Data Integrity

Loyalty IDs are linked to a customer's phone number, keeping things easy, secure and accurate when submitting transaction data.

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Enrollment is very easy – text a designated keyword from your smartphone or scan a QR code and customers are automatically enrolled.

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Tobacco programs undergo significant changes year in and year out. To remain competitive and to qualify for valuable tobacco funding, you need a partner that drives digital customer engagement and is identified as a leader in the space. Contact us to see how the experts at Simpliconnect can assist you today.