Driving Customer Engagememt

Our highest priority at Simpliconnect is to connect businesses to their customers. We achieve this through customer engagement – building an emotional connection between your customer and your brand.


A comprehensive customer engagement strategy is essential to driving increased sales growth and operating a successful business.
Engaged customers exhibit stronger loyalty and purchase more over time.
Ensuring a positive customer experience and building impactful relationships creates loyal customers for generations to come.

At Simpliconnect, we offer an ever-expanding suite of products and services to drive customer engagement.


Simpliconnect employs extensive digital communication tools customized to meet each client's unique needs. Your customers will select their preferred method of communication between text, email, and push notifications, and will hear directly from you! With our support, you will be able to communicate valuable information straight to your customer base. Messages around store updates, promotion notifications, community events, or job openings will be in the hands of your customers in a flash. Simpliconnnect's customer success teams are there every step of the way to assist and execute. 


Create value and excitement for your customers with in-store promotions! Our team implements deals for you in a number of different forms including merchandise discounts, birthday offers, new product offerings, fuel discounts, and so much more. Promotions provide opportunities to strengthen customer relationships with every in-store visit. 

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Scan Data Reporting 

Establishing yourself as a preferred destination for tobacco products is essential in our digital-dependent times. Tobacco loyalty programs are changing to be data-driven, digital reliant, and increasingly sophisticated. It's no longer enough to support customers with the base tobacco programs. In today's world, scan data support coupled with reliable loyalty program partners is a must-have to remain competitive. Simpliconnect is here to assist you by working with a variety of scan data partners to ensure your data is submitted accurately - earning you additional dollars.  

Customer Analytics / Reporting

Who are your best clients? What promotions are effective? And what other valuable insights can you uncover about your program's value to customers? With our real-time analytics, and reporting features you'll be able to identify trends and determine new options to better promote and communicate with your customers.